Became my own Hero

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Became my own Hero.

I wanted someone to save me when I was a child.

Someone to burst through the door, and take me away from the violence and abuse. Away from my parents. Away from that dreadful home.

I would dream of being kidnapped. It never happened. Heroes only exist in comics and on TV

Instead adults just took advantage of my neediness, and I was abused further.

As a teenager I asked for help. I reached out to family members. I talked to the school and people in the community. I even talked to the police. Many knew what was happening in my home, but no one intervened. They chose to stay quiet. Distancing themselves, they watched and waited, expecting me to end up in trouble.

It was assumed that I would hurt people. My mother referred to me as evil. Claimed that I would end up in prison like my father. For offences against women and children. She was wrong. I didn’t hurt anyone. I didn’t want anyone to experience what I went through. And besides, I tried to win my parents and family over by becoming the good guy. I wasn’t successful.

‘You think you’re better than us!’ Dad would say.

In the end I saved myself. Became my own hero. Chose to be a man that I could be proud of. 

Starting out with no money, no qualifications other than a Black Belt, I created my own Self-Control and Social Skills programme for children and teens. I called it Warrior Kids. 

‘Who are you to start a program for children?’ people asked.

Who was I not to?

I have now been running Warrior Kids for 27 years.

I don’t have a cape, but I do wear a uniform.

With love


This article was first published on Facebook and Linkedin August 13, 2021.

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Tim Tipene running Warrior Kids