Being There

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Being There,

‘I miss you, Tim,’ my student said yesterday.

I felt for him. He’s been doing it hard in Covid Lockdown. Level 4 in Auckland, NZ. Almost 4 weeks so far. Only the essentials open. The majority stuck at home.

Schools won’t open till we’re at level 2. We’ve got to get through level 3 first.

We’ve had a few Lockdowns now. No Warrior Kids Classes, no Warrior Teens. 

Puts me online more. Available to my students. For their wellbeing. Offering support and encouragement through the screen. Letting them know that I’m thinking about them. I’m always thinking about them. Every one of them. Past and present. Hoping that they and their families are doing okay.

We chat and laugh online. I always tell them how happy I am to see them. I’m always happy to see them.

They tell me about their day. What they’ve been doing. They talk about their School Zoom meetings and homework.

There is no pressure or disappointment from me. I’m here to uplift and empower.

They share what they have made, created. What they had for breakfast, lunch and dinner. How they have helped out at home. The ups and downs of being stuck with family.

The conversation falls away at times. They don’t know what to say. Get lost for words, get distracted. That’s alright. I bring them back.

It is all about them. They tell me about their low points. Who argued with who. Why someone is unhappy, and will lockdown ever end.

The frustration, anxiety, boredom and how much they miss their friends, family, places. 

We acknowledge the lows and focus on the positives. Plan for the next day. What they are going to do. We talk about outlets and projects. I praise and reassure.

We plan our next meeting.

I tell them that I love them, because I do, and I look forward to seeing them.

When the call ends I think about my other students. The ones I haven’t spoken with yet. I wish and I hope for them and their families. Post something up for them to see.

With love


My daughter took the photo while I was on Zoom.

This article was first published on Facebook and Linkedin September 11, 2021.

Copyright© Tim Tipene, 2021.

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