Doing Proud Already

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Doing Proud Already. 

'Boy, you just stick to writing your books, running your Warrior Kids classes and your talks. Don't worry about committees and politics. Don't get caught up in all that. Leave it to others. You do us proud already.' 

These words from whanau have resonated with me. 

There have been many voices from whanau over the years, a number of them pushing me to step up and take on roles, which respectfully I did for a time. However it is these words now that I follow. 

I carry my grandfather's name. I can't help but represent, and I do it the best way I know how. I love my whanau, my marae, my hapu and iwi. 

And as for accusations.

I am not a white man who is trying to be Maori and I am not a white man who takes Maori roles away from Maori. 

To those saying that I should change my name from Tipene. No, it's not going to happen. To even suggest such a thing is an insult to my grandparents and whanau who adopted me as a pepe and gave me the name.

I was always taught not to tread on the Mana of others. 

With love 


This blog was first published on Facebook and Linkedin July 21, 2021.

Copyright© Tim Tipene, 2021.

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