Flowers of Peace

Tim TIpene opportunity to broker peace

Flowers of Peace

In 2001 in opposition to the war against Afghanistan, these words of peace were written by Tim Tipene and sent to the US White House, the US pentagon, 10 Downing Street- London, Consulates of America, Britain & Australia.

Media in America, Britain & NZ. All NZ members of Parliament, including the PM.

‘All violence is terror’ spread across the internet and led to an invitation from an organization in Baghdad, Iraq, in 2003 for Tim to attend a conference in the hope of stopping the impending war on Iraq. Following the invitation Tim called for Flowers of Peace to be laid outside Mosques.

All Violence is Terror

All acts of violence are acts of terror.

War is the epitome of terror.

Even if it’s perceived deserving retribution, it is still terror.

One cannot disapprove one act of violence; and then condone another.

There is no such thing as good and just violence.

By condoning one act, all acts can be considered acceptable.

For all violence produces the same outcomes.

Hurt, loss, suffering, shame and guilt.

Regardless of denial.

There is no good in war.

No heroes in violence.

No victory in suffering.

Acts of violence do not heal shattered and hurt lives.

It just inflames hate filled vengeance.

From the ashes of loss, hurt is breeding anger.

Fear is breeding hate.

Vulnerability is breeding suffering.

More loss, more hurt, more shame.

Voices of the past pleaded never again.

Only to be trodden on like poppies in a field.

Maturity is such a long way off.

Those responsible, the warring leaders, hide history and avoid accountability.

Weapons that are made, are sold, are used.

People who are trained and encouraged to kill, kill.

For one side, it is righteous. For the other, it is terror.

For some, it is business. A monopoly, politically and financially.

All justifiable on their higher moral ground.

Violence is for the weak. The un-matured.

Those who wish to hide from themselves.

Those who choose the easier path, due to being fearful of really being seen by another.

Those who wish to carry shame and guilt.

To hide in denial, as they drown in self loathing.

The aim of life is to acquire peace.

For peace to all things brings appreciation, respect, wisdom and love.

A connectedness, a oneness.

Peace builds individuals, families and communities.

It accepts and nourishes every living thing.

However, a life of peace calls for us to look within and change.

It is to no longer rely on creating monsters on the outside,

but rather bravely face those within.

It requires us to take responsibility for our part in the world.

For peace to all things, brings peace within.

It heals us and binds us together as one.

Peace breeds peace.

Violence breeds violence.

Regardless of who is doing it or whatever the cause,

all violence is terror.

Tim Tipene Flowers of Peace

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