Girls get Angry too!

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Girls get Angry too!

It is a line from my latest picture book, ‘Rona Moon’. 

It is also a line that my daughter has used growing up, out of frustration of girl’s anger not being acknowledged at school and in society. 

This is why Warrior Kids has always been a programme for boys and girls since I created it in 1994, and why anger management and emotional intelligence is a key part of it. 

It is not just the children gaining new skills from the programme either. ‘As a parent observing, I have learnt also.’ This is a quote from a mother of a Warrior Kid, and these words have been echoed by many mums over the years.  

There has been huge investment in anger management programmes for boys over the past decades, while girls and their anger continue to be overlooked, dismissed and belittled. This is not to take anything away from the boys. As far as I’m concerned there has been no where near enough work done to assist children in learning how to manage and live constructively with their emotions. I believe that emotional intelligence should be a core part of the school curriculum for all children, and not just as a side edition for the boys who have been acting out, as it so often is. Our suicide, depression and mental health statistics are proof that things are not okay. Our children deserve better.

The age old, traditional story of Rona and the Moon shows the wisdom and understanding of our tupuna. It is an acknowledgement of women and anger. If our ancestors could accept that women get angry, why has modern society had such a problem with it, why has it denied girls? 

Emotions are normal and natural. Learning to live with, and to manage our emotions ensures that we develop self-control and a healthy life. 

Since Rona Moon’s release I have received a lot of feedback from women appreciating the acknowledgement of girls and anger. 

Rona Moon gets angry with everyone – her brother, her Nana and Papa. Then, one night, she calls the moon stupid! Next minute she finds herself up on the moon, meeting her ancestor Whaea Rona. It is a fun story about anger for all children, but especially girls. Enjoy.

With love 


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First published on Facebook and Linkedin July 13, 2021.

Copyright© Tim Tipene, 2021.

Rona Moon by Tim Tipene

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