I Created a Space

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I Created a Space,

A therapeutic and caring space. For wellness. For addressing and breaking cycles. To empower and nurture.

The idea came to me when I was 14.

I was an unwanted child. Brought up in a home of violence and abuse. Cycles of trauma and dysfunction.

At 12 I got to do martial arts. For the first time in my life I felt that I had autonomy over my body. A control of self that was empowering.

A dream developed within me, of a space that would focus on the life enhancing, non-violent aspects of the martial arts. It was an aspiration that got me through. 

When life got challenging and hard, I would turn to that dream, and dwell in it.

As I got older the dream became clearer, defined and refined.

I became a teacher of martial arts. Began working with people in the community. Took papers in counselling. Attended therapy. All the time clarifying my goal.

In 1994 I launched Kura Toa Warrior School, and with it Warrior Kids. A self-control and social skills programme for children and teens.

I ran classes in whatever space I could, halls, schools, outside in parks and on empty lots. Each time recreating the space.

My aim was to help kids like me. To support families in breaking cycles, so that future generations wouldn’t make the same mistakes.

To provide maps of a better way.

Warrior Kids became acclaimed.

In 2009 I opened the Kura Toa Warrior School Centre. It was the first official incarnation of my dream. A home for my classes and direction.

It went well. I was able to pay the lease.

Three years later I crashed. Burnt out.

I shut up shop and tried to walk away, but the requests for classes kept coming. So I got back up on my feet and returned to running Warrior Kids in schools.

Since 2013 I have been running classes behind my home, in what was once a large shed, but over the years I turned into a studio.

I created the space. It serves its purpose, and I am grateful. I work towards a better one though.

It is my goal to create the space.

With love


This article was first published on Facebook and Linkedin September 7, 2021.

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I created a space, Tim Tipene