I Don't Accept Donations

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I Don’t Accept Donations.

Recently I was asked, ‘Tim, how can we support your work?’

I have been running Warrior Kids in the community for 27 years. It is a self-control and social skills programme for children and teens. I work with families from all walks of life and back grounds. I work with a lot of trauma. Children and families who have experienced violence and abuse. A boy who found his Dad hanging, two kids who had to hide because their Dad was walking around with a loaded gun, a mother who thought that the only way to discipline her kids was to hit them with sticks. I could go on and on.

Then there are the families who are just looking for extra support. Facing relationship, parenting and behavioural issues.

Warrior Kids is a preventative programme. Changing the course of lives and promoting a better future.

In the beginning the cost to take part in Warrior Kids was a gold coin. Today the fees are on a sliding scale. Families pay what they can afford. There are some whose fees are covered.

While charitable by nature, Warrior Kids is not a charity. I don’t ask for donations. I don’t seek funding.

These days everywhere people go they are hounded for money for different causes.

People have been donating for centuries now, yet no matter how much is given issues such as poverty, hunger and homelessness haven’t been solved, and charity has become big business. 

I appreciate people who are wanting to support me and my work. You can support by following my pages, and by purchasing my books. They’re a great read and they make good gifts.

With love


This article was first published on Facebook and Linkedin August 5, 2021.

Copyright© Tim Tipene, 2021.

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