I tried to Give Up

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I tried to give up.

There were times when I tried to give up. Tried to walk away.

I resented my work. Having created a self-control and social skills programme for children in 1994, it was never about money. Because of this there were times where I found myself homeless, and I struggled to feed my family.

I prepared my exits. Even wrote a book and a manual so that others could run the programme. 

Yet whenever I shut the door and said no more families, schools and community groups kept knocking. I couldn’t turn them away, and it wasn’t long and I would be back to running classes

After all how could I not. This was my purpose. This was where my life, and everything that I had been through, made sense to me.

In order to change my life I had to invest in my life. My programme, Warrior Kids, was that investment. 

From early in the beginning I turned funders away. I was determined for my programme to exist on its own merit. Not to be reliant on others. It paid off. It gave me the fight and determination to make it work

Warrior Kids is now 27 years old. It has changed the lives of thousands of children and their families.

I am so happy that I didn’t give up. That I pushed through and stuck it out.

The value and rewards have been beyond money, and it keeps paying.

With love


This blog was first published on Facebook and Linkedin July 23, 2021.

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