I was offered Money to Hurt Someone.

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I was offered Money to Hurt someone,

It was nothing to be proud of. I didn’t do it.

As a young man I would visit martial arts schools with my teacher. He would instruct me to drop individuals, to make an example of them. I craved the approval of my teacher. I did it. It was nothing to be proud of.

I grew up with violence and abuse. With people who believed that they were staunch and tough. The pressure to be the same was immense, however I gave up on all of that. Walked away from aggressive teachings.

Instead through my healing, I focused on the life enhancing aspects of the martial arts.

Over the years I have performed the role of Uke For various teachers. Uke is the one who receives the technique. Often for demonstration to a class. The crash test dummy. Usually this is done respectfully, however it was used to make an example of me at times.

An attempt to diminish my mana. It didn’t bother me. I had nothing to prove. I simply let it go.

In one instance, a few of my adult students left with one of these teachers, believing that he would teach them the aggression that I refused to. I was happy for them. That they had found the teacher that they had wanted.

For I had found winning techniques of my own. A style that triumphed over all. It was in love and the act of giving. Warrior Kids, Warrior Teens, Warrior School.

From the tearful woman who fell on her knees in the middle of a main street to thank me for changing her life. To the countless of individuals and their families, who each have their own story of the positive impact that my work has had on them.

Cycles broken, lives healed. There is no better reward. No trophy or title can compete. That is winning that keeps on winning, and something to be proud of.

With love


This article was first published on Facebook and Linkedin August 22, 2021.

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I was offered money to hurt someone, by Tim Tipene