Men do all the House work

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Men do all the House work.

This is what my son believed when he was six. 

‘I want to be a woman when I grow up,’ he said. ‘Why do you want to be a woman?’ I asked. 

‘Because men do everything,’ he said. ‘Men do all the house work, the cooking, the cleaning. Women just have fun.’  I laughed. 

This was my son’s reality though. For over eight years I was a single parent.

A few years ago my partner and I reconciled, and we got back together as a family. My son now understands that house work, cooking and cleaning is a team effort. 

Even as I am writing this my teenage daughter has walked away from the sink after washing half of the dishes. She’s expecting her older brother to finish the other half. 

‘Why have you two never asked me and your Mum for a dishwasher?’ I ask. 

‘We’re not bothered,’ they said. 


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Photo: Me and my babies 2008. 

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Tim Tipene with his babies