Saving the Child

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Saving the Child.

2007 and I was decked out in my Warrior Kids uniform and out to change the world, to save the children, to save the child within, to make a difference, to be the hero I had wanted when I was young.  

Shining a light on the shadows where I had been forced to dwell, and not backing down. Inspiring and encouraging the next generations to do the same.

This and two other posters went out to every Intermediate and Secondary school in NZ. 

I worked and raised the funds to pay for it all myself. When the media wanted to know about it my PTSD got the better of me. I ran and hid, embarrassed and fearful.

Breaking the cycle has been overall my greatest achievement, for me and my family. It has meant that I’ve been able to go on and do so much more, and that our home has been safe.

My hair wasn’t grey then. Good times.

With love,


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