She is Our Essential

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She is Our Essential,

I’ve put dinner on. Done the washing and hung it out. Put off the other cleaning for now.

Made a coffee. Sitting down to work. I’ve got so much to do in Lockdown.

She is not home. Our essential.

The kids are.

Homeworking amidst games and work outs. Missing their friends. Missing.

She’s out there. Our essential.

Leaves early every morning. Masked up. Returns tired and sore.

I listen to her day. Massage her legs and back. It’s never enough. Still sore.

She works hard. Our essential worker. Dodging delta.

Was that a sniff. It’s hard not to worry. Best not to think about it. Try to anyway.

There’s anger out there. Mask less hostility. Frustration, anxiety. Conspiracy theories.

The mother of my children has got nothing to do with all that. She’s just there to work. To ensure people have food, with care, warmth and a smile. Someone to be kind to.

She works in a supermarket. In West Auckland. Not far from that other one. Where those people got stabbed. Not far from the flooding. That destroyed homes. It’s hard not to worry. Best not to think about it.

Try to anyway.

Just be ready for when she comes home. Be attentive to her needs. Support her drive. To be there, to work.

Bills need to be paid. Covid stops everything, but that. We work to keep our heads above water.

She is our essential. Was long before she became the country’s.

A wife, a mother and so much more.

We are ready for when she comes home.

Our essential.

With love


In New Zealand those who work during the Covid 19 Lockdown are labelled essential workers. Supermarkets, emergency etc. During Level 4 Covid Lockdown everybody else has to stay home. They can go to the supermarket to get food. 

This article was first published on Facebook and Linkedin September 9, 2021.

Copyright© Tim Tipene, 2021.

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