There is No Quick Fix

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There is No Quick Fix.

Often life issues are treated as though they are a hassle. An inconvenience, an annoyance. Worthy of disdain. Met with sighs and the rolling of eyes.

The plan is usually to get the individual experiencing the issues sorted out, and back on track ASAP. They are pushed to complete a few sessions of counselling. Do a one off programme. Take a pill. Basically the message is, ‘Just get over it!’

It took me years to break the cycle of violence and abuse. Decades to address my trauma.

There is no quick fix. I should know. I’ve dedicated my life to it.

Having started out in martial arts, I set Warrior Kids up using the same model of operation. Ongoing weekly classes. That way students and their families can attend the therapeutic, self-control and social skills programme for as long as they want.

This is in reflection of the longevity of addressing issues, and the ongoing support that is required. It also puts the power in the family’s hands. They determine how long they stay for, and if and when they return.

Throughout the 27 years that Warrior Kids has been running it has always been in high demand. It wasn’t unusual for a community class to have over thirty children. That number fits for a paint by number martial arts class which follows a set syllabus, however it is not an effective practise for addressing trauma and other life issues.

Today the number in a Warrior Kids class is limited to just 6 children. 4 in the case of a teen class. That is a closed group that often stays together for years. You can imagine the level of depth and growth that occurs. The lifelong changes that are made. Not just with the child or teen, but also within their family. 

This post is not to brag about what I do. It is to show the level of support that is required in order to address life issues. That there is No Quick Fix. Healing and addressing takes time. Life issues are the lights that show us where society isn’t working. That the demands and pressures we all face are not sustainable. I think the earth would agree.

With love


This article was first published on Facebook and Linkedin August 16, 2021.

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