Time to Change

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Time to change.

The time to change is now. Be brave.

Pick up your fear and walk with it. It will sharpen your intentions. Heed the message that fear brings, but don't left fear stop you.

The time to change is now. Be strong.

Hold your shame for what you have done. It will give you a firmer standing. Learn from your mistakes, but don't let shame keep you in them.

The time to change is now. Be weak.

Honour your tears and pains of sadness. They will give you wisdom and understanding. Nurture your life, but don't live under the control of past hurt.

The time to change is now. Be open.

Accept your anger and it's power. It will keep your protecting boundaries solid. Harness anger safely and don't hurt others or yourself in anyway.

The time to change is now. Put all excuses aside.

Take one step forward and breathe a new breath, for your life is yours. Live through the guidance of your heart.

I wrote this in the mid-1990s. It was published in a handout manual for Men’s Stopping Violence Programmes and in the Warrior Kids Handout Manual 2002.

With love


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Time to Change, by Tim Tipene