Young and already Known for the Work

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Young and already Known for the Work,

There wasn’t just any job for me.

I tried. It never worked out. I was down the road. That’s okay.

I was to find that my passion was working with people, and addressing life’s issues. Such as trauma, violence and abuse. The things I grew up with.

There wasn’t much promise for a career, so I created my own.

A self-control and social skills programme for children and teens. Called it Warrior Kids.

It was the perfect set up. It allowed me to keep addressing my own issues, while supporting others with theirs; and it kept me in check.

Over the years various adults have joined me. Helped out with the classes, as part of their own learning, and to contribute to the lives of children.

Come and gone. I am grateful for each one, for their efforts and support.

I struggled financially with the programme. Tried to walk away myself at times. Could never do it.

Then I had children and they wanted Warrior Kids, so I kept going for them. My son and daughter started taking part when they were 4. They enjoyed the connection with others. The activities, challenges and fun.

They are teenagers now. Assistant instructors within our Warrior School. Teaching, supporting, leading, making a difference.

Having been a part of the programme for so many years, they know it like the back of their hand. They take it with them where ever they go. It has opened doors for them, created opportunities. Had them shine when they have needed to.

They are my pillars. They stand on either side of me at each class, where they have dealt with anger, aggression, hurt and fear. Worked with students in addressing trauma, violence and abuse, and supported others with their social and learning issues. All the time demonstrating care, empathy and consideration.

So young and already known for the work that they do.

The light they were born as, will continue to shine. They were given the space and they fulfilled the roles. I look forward to seeing where this takes them in the future. The path is theirs to choose.

I am a proud father.

With love


This article was first published on Facebook and Linkedin September 10, 2021.

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Tim, Taiyang and Tahlia Tipene