• The Book that Wouldn't Read

    Also available as Te Pukapuka ka Kore e Pānuihia

    The book that wouldn't read

    Finalist - Te Reo Māori Award at the NZ Book Awards for Children and Young Adults 2024. See below ... 

    The boy at the centre of Tim Tipene's striking new story doesn't like reading, until one day in the school library he picks up The Book that Wouldn't Read. Suddenly the book takes on a life of its own - with sentences moving up and down, words changing colour and disappearing, and strange fonts and characters that get the reader jumping around, even burping. His appeals to the teacher and friends get hushed because 'it's reading time,' and before he knows it, he's finished the book. 'What should I read next?' An inspirational story in English (hardback) and Maori (paperback) editions that takes the viewpoint of children who have reading struggles, with design guided by educators for appeal to reluctant or even dyslexic readers.


    Illustrated by Nicoletta Benella.

    Oratia Books 2023. 

    Te Pukapuka ka kore e Panuihia

    Te Pukapuka ka Kore e Pānuihia has been shortlisted for the Wright Family Foundation Te Kura Pounamu Award for te reo Māori at the NZ Book Awards for Children and Young Adults, 2024.


    The judges state, 'Reading can be difficult. But some books are more difficult than others! Tim Tipene’s pukapuka understands and empathises with its audience – tamariki who struggle with reading and attention – without condescending or judging. The kōrero is just challenging enough with its reo to encourage exploration of language and an enduring love of kupu.'


    Māori translation by Kanapu Rangitauira. 

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