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    Pipi and Pou and the Raging Mountain

    Pouākai, haere mai! Taniwha, kia kaha!  

    Auckland Writers Festival - Tue 14, Wed 15, Thu 16 May 2024

    Tim features in the Upper Primary Sessions for the Auckland Writer's Festival School Programme. Meet Pipi and Pou, two cousins that can shapeshift into a fierce taniwha and mighty Pōuakai, eagle. With guidance from their no-nonsense Nan, they protect and guard the natural world, save lives and overcome dangers. Tim Tipene’s (Ngāti Kurī, Te Uri-o-Hau, Ngāti Whātua) series uses the superhero genre and epic illustrations as a hook to engage the most reluctant of readers. From calming a furious mountain to solving mysteries of monsters in the ngāhere, hear what inspires Tim to create these brilliant tales and how to unlock the superhero in all of us.

    Pipi and Pou and the Tentacles of the Deep

    Pipi and Pou and the Forgotten Stream: A Walking Adventure

    Auckland Writers Festival - SAT 18 & Sun 19 MAY 2024

    Something magical is lurking beneath the streets of Auckland. Horotiu, the taniwha, lives deep underground and he is unhappy, as the stream in his care has been forgotten. Can you help our superheroes, Pipi and Pou, calm him before it’s too late?


    Jump into the world of Tim Tipene’s award-winning book series through our digital adventure trail created using Pickpath – a new platform for compelling interactive storytelling experiences developed by Aotearoa-based artists.


    Pipi and Pou and the Forgotten Stream is an app guided experience starting in Aotea Square and leading families on a short walk down Queen Street and surrounding laneways, and is available on both Android and Apple devices. Along the journey a story will unfold, and you will find activities and clues to help solve the mystery.

    The book that wouldn't read

    The Book that Wouldn't Read - Launch 1 September 2023

    The boy at the centre of Tim Tipene's striking new story doesn't like reading, until one day in the school library he picks up The Book that Wouldn't Read. Suddenly the book takes on a life of its own - with sentences moving up and down, words changing colour and disappearing, and strange fonts and characters that get the reader jumping around, even burping. His appeals to the teacher and friends get hushed because 'it's reading time,' and before he knows it, he's finished the book. 'What should I read next?' An inspirational story in English (hardback) and Maori (paperback) editions that takes the viewpoint of children who have reading struggles, with design guided by educators for appeal to reluctant or even dyslexic readers.


    Illustrated by Nicoletta Benella. Oratia Books 2023.

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